Dat container Debian test

A quick demo to show how you can easily clone and run a virtual machine from the Internet using @mafintosh's dat-container. Think of it as a simpler version of Docker, backed by the Dat protocol.

There is a container built on debian available in this dat, it is called debian-jessie.img.

You can run it really easily. See this a quick demo:

Animated GIF Demo

First go to https://github.com/mafintosh/dat-container and follow the install instructions.

Then to boot it run:
sudo dat-container -k dat://3bedc70fb0eb1d050b2d1142b3dcb7bd48774bf4d1aa43f0e080af1f54f9eea9/ -i debian-jessie.img -d my-container -b
The username is 'root' with a password of 'root'
Happy container live booting!

This README is based off of the one @mafintosh created for his node-on-arch image.

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